The Challenger Flexi-Wing 150

The Flexi-Wing 150 Lifejacket has been designed as a dual purpose Emergency Abandonment or Constant Wear lifejacket. The low profile design allows the wearer unrestricted movement and full forward and downward vision.

The unique Flexi-Wing design affords the wearer enhanced in water performance with higher mouth freeboard and improved floatation angles. The interlocking lobe design self rights the wearer in under 5 seconds and provides an effective wave barrier preventing water from being channelled into the airways, while the tailored neck design gives vital support to the head and neck, even to an unconscious subject.



Interlocking lobe design
High visibility fabric
Twin chamber security
Lightweight and comfortable to wear
Fully approved to the latest amendments in SOLAS Chapter III 2010
The unique bladder shape features Flexi-Wing technology


  • Twin independent chambers
  • Automatic inflation system
  • Retro-reflective tape
  • Whistle
  • Grab loop
  • Locational light
  • Buddy line
  • Produced using components that conform to ISO 12402

Design Options

  • A wide range of cover options including heavy duty PVC and Panotex fire proof covers
  • Deck harness system
  • Spray hood
  • Strobe light
  • Crotch strap