AIS Integrated Lifejackets

International Safety Products introduce a range of AIS integrated lifejackets utilising rescueME MOB1, the world’s smallest AIS man over board system with integrated DSC.

When deployed and inflated the rescueME MOB1 is automatically activated transmitting an alert to all AIS receivers and AIS enabled plotters in the vicinity. The integrated GPS, with more than 66 channels, ensures fast and accurate positioning. The additional DSC alarm links to the vessels VHF, alerting crew to the situation.


Seamate HRU

Seamate HRU is small and fits all SOLAS liferafts from 6 up to 150 persons. There is also a model for EPIRBS.

A unique feature of the Seamate HRU is that it only needs to be replaced every three years during the standard service of the liferaft and does not require any maintenance or spares.


The Alcares Light

The LED Alcares light has a maximum brightness of 10 candela...

At only 16mm in depth and is supplied with a clip so that it can easily be fitted into any lifejacket. The light has rounded edges to prevent damage to the lifejacket bladder. The LED light automatically activates when exposed to water and has an intensity of greater than the 0.75cd standard; it also has a manual on/off switch.


ISP Continues to Lead the Field

ISP continues to lead the field in the design and manufacture of lifejackets, carrying approvals to EN393-399, ISO12402 and EC Directive 96/98 on maritime equipment. Additionally we also work in other countries to gain domestic recognition, good examples being the Canadian Coastguard and Australian Standards.

In the military field, ISP acts as a Design Authority to sections of the MoD and has numerous accreditations in its portfolio. Similarly, defence forces throughout the world specify ISP products wherever we have helped find solutions to specific needs.

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